Appel à candidature Project manager EURCrossBorderAlliance

Project manager EURCrossBorderAlliance

L'Université de la Sarre recrute un Project manager EURCrossBorderAlliance à plein temps.

Missions :

  • Project coordination in close cooperation with project partners
  • Project and financial management (including quality management and project evaluation) using appropriate methodologies and tools, coordination and monitoring of project progress and project milestones, preparation of progress and financial reports in close cooperation with project partners
  • Communication within the project consortium, with external partners and with the responsible directorate-general of the European Commission, working in the languages German, English and French
  • Planning and organization of meetings, conferences and other events on behalf of the EURCrossBorderAlliance
  • Planning and and compilation of marketing and information materials and production of project-related texts
  • Support and supervision of EURCrossBorderAlliance measures to be implemented at Saarland University and the incorporation of such measures into existing structures

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