Connecting peripheries - Online Symposium

Improving Cross-Border and Rural-Urban Transport

Public transport services are essential to allow citizens to live and work across a region without limitations. Yet, there are many challenges in peripheral areas that impede mobility. The initiatives Peripheral Access and b-solutions identified ways to overcome obstacles affecting transport services, especially in cross-border and rural areas.

In Central Europe in particular, infrastructure connections along the old and new state borders are still lacking, often falling way behind their pre-world war II level. The region is predominantly rural, with diverging population patters and trends.

It is in this framework, that the Interreg CE project Peripheral Access strives for an improvement of transport in peripheries. Over the last three years, the project has targeted rural, peri-urban and cross-border areas, each periphery in its own way, facing distinctive challenges in their local transport systems. Exemplary successful cases from this transnational cooperation will be introduced. Above all, they showcase the variety of strategy responses and underline the relevance of regionally adapted solutions.

The project b-solutions, an initiative promoted by the European Commission and managed by the Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), aims to solve legal obstacles hindering cross-border cooperation in Europe, an additional challenge to transport services in peripheral, cross-border areas. Among other activities, b-solutions explores ways to set up transport projects across European borders. Too often, public buses stop at national borders. Through examples of cross-border transport projects from all over the European Union, AEBR will shed light on the needs of local actors that regional, national and European authorities must address to start and operate relevant transport services in cross-border areas.

We look forward to the contributions of Cinzia Dellagiacoma (Association of European Border Regions), Marco Lukat (Vogtland Transport Authority), Kvĕtoslav Havlík (South Moravian Integrated Public Transport Agency), Anna Reichenberger (Regional Management Agency of the Metropolitan Area of Styria) and Jasmin Weißbrodt (County of Cuxhaven).

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